10 answers infographic

infographic for business
Made for BricolaRge DIY consortium. This business infographic explains the 10 focus topics to the potential affiliates. It's challenging to start from a simple sheet list and working to make it clear and pleasant to see. More attractive and easier to understand than a word doc with a bullet list.

Blender infographic: modeling icons!

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Blender infographic
03/09/2016 Update: Minor fixes; ALT+S shrink-fatten function added in edit mode section; Modeling icons added for extrude, click extrude, knife, spin.

Learn Blender with a poster infographic

Infographic poster for Blender 3d 2.77
Infographic for Blender 3d 2.77
Learn blender with a poster! Here is my contribute to the best 3d opensource application. A complete infographic map to help finding the way in modeling 3d objects with Blender 3d. Coming from a solid know-how in 3d Studio MAX was a real challenge to understand the complex interface and functions...

Learn the power of Blender 3d

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Blender infographic
Blender infographic poster as previously announced, is evolving: not only shortcuts but an entire mind map with the blender knowledge. Many of you are already scared by complexity, others are suggesting to add a lot more shortcuts: but my goal is not to simply list EVERYTHING. I just want to map...

Legno, creatività e vita

Pubblico questo progetto da me realizzato ormai un pò di tempo fa, lo stand fieristico per il gruppo Balconi Giannino. Realizzato completamente in legno è stato utilizzato anche quest'anno al MadeEXPO 2015. Appena realizzate invece sono le infografiche che sono state integrate sul perimetro dello...

Oh yes, infographics are viral!

I'm quite enthusiastic about "Learn Blender3d with a poster" Infographic map getting viral. Hundreds of resharings, comments, hints, articles, forum discussions, newsletters; feedbacks from everywhere. Thanks to all, you gave me many suggestions and tips about it. I'm so glad my work was...

Res Gestae of Roman Architecture

Res Gestae of Roman Architecture
Res Gestae of Roman Architecture
During last months I went deep into studying Roman Architecture; following a long time passion for archeology and for everything hiding under the ground from past times. 6 months ago I discovered the "Massive Open Online Courses" and decided to sign for "Roman Architecture by prof. Diana...

Sailing poster infographic

All the sailing theory on a single poster infographic. Hand drawn elements and line traced 3d object. Vector graphic + raster map overlay. Read the post about this work. Full poster is available on "Learn with a Poster".